mogmog gangan
mogmog gangan 简介

Everyone can enjoy Exciting battle Race with simple control by Digging through Underground.■Recommend to players who likes to:・People who want to enjoy multiplayer competition.・Enjoy using Item weapon to fight against opponents.・play with simple controls and feel comfortable with Classics side scroll game.■How to play:・It’s simple Tap Swipe control. You only need to control up down motion and use item while on AT mode・It’s always fun to use Missile and Nitro to get advantage in Multi-player Battle Race.★Two new machines are added, and you can play with a total of 10 unique machines.☆You can make combination moves by using 5types of item simultaneously.★Dig through kinds of underground layer to collect stashes for new items.☆Earn Gold to purchase new machines and unique paintings.*New Machines, New Paintings, New Courses will be added in future.

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mogmog gangan