👻Yokai Running Adventures
👻Yokai Running Adventures 简介

Adventure game with yokai, help the little boy to pick up more watch.Get yokai adventures world for free today.The little boy needs your help to guide him so that she can achieve her goal.The sworn enemy of whisper ( monsters ) has stolen him girlfriend for torture and become immortal.Your mission on this game is help the little hero to cross different obstacles, and collect more many coins to save him girlfriend.Would you like to have fun...? running adventures is waiting for you to travel with the hero in a world full of adventures.Is the ultimate adventure game for all ages.The adventures jungle is waiting for you... let's help the super boy to save him girlfriend all you have to do is download the game and begin to play and I m sure you well like it and you well have a lot of fun.This adventure game is a fun way to interact with friends or just have a good time.HOW TO PLAY:Press PLAY to start, Tap the screen to make a boy jump and fly by moving your finger up and down.FEATURES:👻👻Available for Android phones and tablets.👻👻The Number 1 mobile adventure game.👻👻3 level of play (easy - medium - hard).👻👻3D platformer game.👻👻Good background music.👻👻Easy and intuitive controls (One finger is enough to control).👻👻More than 200 unique levels.👻👻3 world game ( Castle Monsters, Desert Egypt, Scary Jungle ).👻👻Suitable for all ages.NOTE:Please do not forget note the game, Have a good time and thank you for playing.

👻Yokai Running Adventures