Powerful Sports Festival
Powerful Sports Festival 简介

Clash! Spring Great Gymnastics - Powerful Sports Festival ~This year's ceremony, the Spring Big Athletic MeetingWhere are the teams to beat the standing obstacles and win and win!!The undying hot fight of boys and girls begins now!1: Tap the screen to advance the game!2: Get a new friend and power up DPS!3: Power up further by upgrading the acquired friends!4: If you defeat an obstacle you can get a "Support Power".5: With the "baton" you can arrange the peers' sums and you can upgrade your attack power at once![Recommended for people like this]· People who like apps with sports festival theme· People who want to destroy obstacles by tramping obstacles· People who like games whose numbers are increasing rapidly· People who love cute characters· People who want to spread images on Facebook or TwitterBGM material usedDOVA-SYNDROMEUse sound effect material魔王魂

Powerful Sports Festival