Live! HANABI - Fireworks -
Live! HANABI - Fireworks - 简介

Presenting a fireworks rendering app with unprecedented realism on your smartphone.Utilizing original technology, you can smoothly illustrate fireworks and landscapes with "Magic Fireworks Rendering."Reproduce bright and realistic lighting from your fireworks display with effects and particle systems developed for 3D games.Enjoy the shimmering illusion of fireworks displayed against a number of beautiful ready to use backgrounds.Also, capture a complete sense of realism with a 3D sound engine built for games.Freely control the launch of fireworks with the flick of your finger.You can even use all five fingers simultaneously across the screen.You can quickly double tap to capture still shots of your favorite scenes. Also, you can capture videos and make them available to share as well.[Extra Pack]When you purchase the Extra Pack you can use your favorite photo as a background. (Does not apply to Magic Fireworks Rendering.)In addition to that, there are also many other expanded features. Go ahead and enjoy an incredibly realistic display of fireworks.Photo by (c)Tomo.Yun (http://www.yunphoto.net)

Live! HANABI - Fireworks -