spinner.io onlinе multiplayer
spinner.io onlinе multiplayer 简介

Spinner - the most fun at the same time useless toy of 2017 for the average person.fidget spinner has now become a full-fledged online game in which you need to collect the molecules that give you the power of rotation, and at the same time, the stronger your speed, the more chances you have to destroy the enemy.The pinwheel will give you the opportunity to be the first among all online players, and not just a hand spinner is really an interesting toy for android fidget spinner.Someone calls it an anti-stress toy, we also call it a spiner.Features:Complete online gameCompetition modeRealistic physics of the hand spinnerConvenient operationWe came up with a new idea for a series of io games, we hope that you will like it, play our games fidget spinner, watch the news on social networks.If you have any questions regarding our new game please contact by e-mail.

spinner.io onlinе multiplayer