Palm Reading Analysis
Palm Reading Analysis 简介

" "Palmistry Application" is a free application that predicts the line of palms by taking photos of palms using the camera feature of smartphones and tablets. This "Palmistry App" is an application created based on the interpration of the palmistry forecasters in Indonesia. Results of the analysis presented in this application obtained from with matching the palm's photo with the interpretation results of forecasters that have been stored in the database.This predictions application can be used offline after you download it, and the prediction results can also be saved. In addition to the results of predictions, the app also comes with spiritual suggestions. Believe it or not?These all up to you. You can use this entertainment app with family, girlfriend, friends and others.【Palmistry item】◆Predict your character◆Predict your luck◆Predict the the success of your love◆Predict about your romance.※If you try this palmistry application a few times, you might get different results, but this does not mean that predictions results of this application is displayed at random. This is due to differences in room lighting and background when the palms line photo was taken. To obtain consistent results, please see the instructions for using the application【The Flow of the Prediction】●Take a photo of your palm with the guidelines of men using the right hand, and women using the left hand.●Use the camera feature of your smartphone or tablet when take the photograph.●The application will automatically get the form your palm through the image.●The application will match the photo with the results of palm interpretation wich is saved in database.●Then the application will show results for your prediction. The prediction results can be stored in the device.◇◆◇Prediction’s Point◇◆◇【Which hand will be predictable?】You can use the "Palmistry" APP through the palm photo with the guidelines of men using the right hand and women using the left hand. In the science of palmistry, palm reading has a variety of ways, but this application is using the guidelines above to read people's palm. Which is fitted with the assessment and advice drawn from the interpretation of the palm clairvoyant in Indonesia.【How to use the palmistry APP】●Please use a white background, in order to get a clear photo of you palm line.●Take a picture of your palm right in the middle of the frame that appears on the application's camera. To avoid failure, take photographs of your palm in a fairly light.【Palms line change】Although it is said that the line of palms can be changed every day, but we can't see these changes by a *** eyes. Because these changes occur only in the fine lines that exist on the main line. This is a line that can predict things that may happen to a person in accordance their lifestyle.In other words, palmistry is a recording of the things that you have experienced in life, and from there your future can be seen. Or we can say that palmistry is not something that predict the future, but a thing that record our past.The volatile palms line are the lines in the top of hand such as heart line and mind line, while the line that are difficult to change are the lines that are close to the wrist, such as the life line and fate line.

Palm Reading Analysis