枪械模拟 简介

在枪械模拟中你可以使用近34种不同的枪械,闯过60关的挑战。用快节奏的游戏玩法、令人惊艳的视觉效果、难以置信的流畅体验和炫酷的特效带给你最真实的射击体验!收集全部枪械成为枪械大师;不断磨练你的射击水准,让手中的枪尽情的释放。每天进行一次特殊训练来获得更多更好的奖励。最好玩的枪械收集、模拟训练就在枪械模拟!游戏特性:- 34支写实武器包括手枪、冲锋枪、狙击枪和散弹枪- 4大场景,60个训练关卡- 3大训练模式尽情享受射击快感- 流畅且反应灵敏的游戏操作和真实的物理引擎---Gun Simulator offers the closest experience you can have to the actual thrill of being on the shooting range! This game is the #1 ultra realistic 3D gun simulation game on Google Play.Pick up your favorite weapons from an inventory of pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles and sub-machine guns. Come and experience the ultimate shooting indoor and outdoor ranges in Gun Simulator now! Whether you’re new to the shooting sports or are a seasoned shooter, you can experience the excitement of shooting a variety of automatic and semi-automatic guns.Imagine the thrill of firing rounds from a favorite of the U.S. military, or hitting a bull's eye with a classic pistol, Gun Simulator provides the real feel of what it’s like to clear a room with just a pull of the trigger.Game Features:- 34 distinct real weapons and more to come- Hundreds of levels in 4 incredible 3D environments- Smooth 3D graphics and realistic physics engines

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