Ultrafighter3D : Geed Legend Fighting Heroes

Ultrafighter3D : Geed Legend Fighting Heroes of Ultraman Geed is a 3D game with a fierce games fight 3d offline , fight and defeat all enemy for Ultraman Legends if you from world of ultraman games fans Your mission is to fight all enemy of ultraman , and defeat all enemies of ultraman games. You can use the magic of dx ultraman game battle . In this ultraman fighting games , u can use ultraman heroes to fight ultraman vs monster . You will like it. All Ultraman and the Monsters already in the gameThe story of Ultraman Geed focuses on a 19-year old young man named "Riku Asakura" who works at the Ginga Marketplace and is secretly friends with a young Alien Pegassa named "Pega." who has been leaving in secrecy with him since Riku was little. Together, the two of them bond by watching their favorite Toku show "Donshine," and talking about Ultraman's legacy until one day, their home is destroyed by a monster covered in red spikes that attacks japan! One night while in their lament, Riku and Pega meet an artificial intelligence known as Rem who takes them two deep within an Observatory and reveals that Riku carries Ultraman DNA and is capable of fighting monsters by taking on the form of an Ultra as well. Then when the Monster (named Skull Gomora) returns to wreck havoc, Riku uses this newfound power to destroy the monster himself!... This is A fighting game of Ultraman Geed using power of DX Ultraman Geed with complete characters. Its action game is ultraman geed mega master Complete Selection Modification (CSM) of geed vs belial for Ultraman Geed Fusion in High Definitions Sounds and Animation.fusion for you who are looking for ultraman Geed thunder breaster for Ultraman Geed with Ultraman Geed.Lets play the ultraman geed api abadi for Ultraman Geed and fights every time. And share Ultraman Geed to other fellow Ultraman Geed fans.The following is a list of Geed characters available in the game ( some characters ) :1. Ultraman2. Ultraman Tiga3. Ultraman Taro4. Ultraman Mebius5. Ultraman Jack6. Ultraman Zero7. Ultraman Zoffy8. Ultraman Belial9. Ultraman Gaia V210. Ultraman Victory11. Ultraman Ginga12. Ultraman X13. Ultraman Cosmos14. Ultraman Tiga Sky Type15. Ultraman Max16. Ultraman Dyna17. Ultraman Leo18. Ultraman Dyna Miracle19. Ultraman Seven20. Ultraman Ace21. Ultraman Hikari22. Ultraman Agul V223. Ultraman Tiga Power Type24. Ultraman Dyna Strong Type25. Ultraman Nexus26. Ultraman RibutFighting game between ultraman characters, villains. Start this new adventure.- Become a legend heroes And use dx ultraman belt the power to fight- Test your fear again in ultraman fighting Legend- Choose new characters, ultraman all star Coolest posture And much more- Crush the opponent to keep the stain by connecting the powerful ultraman evolution game offline punch.- powerful heroes legend ultraman games fight 3d (ultraman battle game)thanks you for playing our game