Slime Farmer
Slime Farmer 简介

Free game about incredibles slimes who live on the farmSlime Farmer is a simulation game about daredevil slimes that lives as citizens on the farm with rancher. You are the rancher and you have a lot of slimes. Rancher and farmers use to catch slimes and put them in the cage. If you a good rancher you gonna feed your slimes with carrots and you definitely will love that because fed slimes produce shiny gems. Every framer and rancher loves gems. What ever even some other people like them, people who doesn’t work as farmer or rancher. Be like a rambo in world of slimes. Have fun!Features: 1. Awesome gameplay!2. You will love the slimes!3. A really big area!4. Hot graphics!5. Easy controls!Download Slime Farmer right now and do not forget to leave a comment.

Slime Farmer