AnimalRestaurant -EscapeGame-
AnimalRestaurant -EscapeGame- 简介

It seems that an escape game is being held at a cute animal restaurant.Solve the gimmicks and mysteries inside the shop and escape from the cute restaurant.If you clear one room, try another room!Can you conquer all the rooms?[Charm]◆ You can play 4 rooms according to the theme.(Playable by watching some video ads)◆ Women, men and children can enjoy it in a cute atmosphere.◆ Escape game Even beginners can easily play.◆ If you get stuck, you can rest assured that there are hints and answers.◆ The progress is automatically saved, so you can proceed little by little.◆ It is an escape game that you can play for free until the end.【how to play】◆ Easy tap only.◆ Find a clue somewhere in the room to unlock the input device.◆ Sometimes I use items.◆ Tap the selected item to enlarge the item.◆ Items may be combined.◆ Save the background as a hint to solve the mystery with the in-game camera function.◆ If you get stuck, you can see hints and answers from the light bulb button on the upper right.(You need to watch video ads)[NAZOKOI]I mainly produce mystery solving and escape games.If you find it interesting, please try other apps.

AnimalRestaurant -EscapeGame-