Pixboy - Retro 2D Platformer

Pixboy is a mad scientist who produced a powerful elixir. Unfortunately, a gang of naughty dogs stole it. Help him to beat all enemies, to face all challenges, to get an elixir, and to prove he's the best.Feel the retro vibes during hours of adventure! 1-bit color, chunky pixel art, chiptune music - all is a ticket back to the past!Features:+ *NEW* old TV screen mode (CRT) for retro gamers+ 40 handcrafted adventure levels+ 4 different worlds with unique mechanics inside+ 4 bosses at the end of each world+ 30 different enemies+ 150+ secret rooms+ 24 retro color palettes+ 4 challenges per level - including speedrun+ a Pacifist Badge for sparing all enemies+ original retro soundtrack+ *** Gamepad support ***