Cubes Empire Champion
Cubes Empire Champion 简介

Enter the fun Cubes Empire Champions world and enjoy blasting blocks in hundreds of challenging and fun levels! Play the ultimate puzzle game with unique gameplay and have a relaxing fun time popping cubes and solving puzzles. It’s easy to learn and super fun to play!Match and blast 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to explode and clear the board. Tap the bricks to blast them away and complete the missions! Use the power-ups and boosts at the right time to clear the board and win awesome prizes. It’s all up to your thumbs - make smart blasts to smash more colored blocks! No Wi-Fi or internet connection?Don’t worry! You can play and enjoy this awesome blaster game online or offline anytime and anywhere. ENJOY these Super Cool Cubes Empire Champions Features:- Fun gameplay: Tap to play! Connect 2 or more adjacent tiles and blocks of the same color to create a cube blast - Hundreds of addictive levels filled with puzzles and brain teasers - Easy and fun to play blasting game - Powerful boosters that will help you get past those tricky levels - Free to play anytime: online or offline- Relaxing blaster game to play with family and friendsUnlock amazing boosters that will help you crush the cubes and win levels:Match, blast, and explode 5 or 6 tiles to get a rocketMatch, pop, and smash 7 or 8 toon blocks to get a bombMatch, crush, and pop 9 cubes to earn a color wheelRockets, bombs, and color wheels will help you blast the blocks and beat the challenges! Use these amazing boosts at the right time to pop cubes, clear the board, and win awesome prizes! Time to make a big BOOM!:Use the HAMMER to blast and remove any itemActivate the RAY GUN to clear a rowBlast the MAGNET to remove the same colored cubesUse the YO-YO to crush blocks in a column Train your brain with hundreds of amazing levels filled with fun puzzles and quests. Play Cubes Empire Champions for free, blast all the colorful blocks and advance to the next amazing challenge! HOW TO PLAY:- Tap and collapse the colorful bricks- Earn boosters that will help you clear levels - Complete the goals set at the beginning of each level- Solve puzzles to advance to the next amazing level- Plan your moves carefully and test your logic and matching skillsJoin the FUN!This fun puzzle game keeps getting better as you advance and encounter more challenging elements. Hurry up and join the cube blasting mania, but be careful - once you start popping blocks, you simply can’t stop! Fan of puzzle games? Can’t get enough of exciting brain teasers? Play Cubes Empire Champions today and test your puzzle-solving skills with hours of block blasting fun!

Cubes Empire Champion