Escape Game Mr. 3939 STORES
Escape Game Mr. 3939 STORES 简介

When you wake up, you find yourself trapped in a small store. Solve the mystery of the store and escape! “Mr. 3939 STORES” is a pop, cute and fun escape game consisting of 4 episodes.Difficulty: level 4 of 5[Game Features]• The game is completely free with no additional charges until the game is cleared.• You can play the game with one hand only by tapping and swiping.• Tips function is available. (Advertisement is required.)• You can take 5 record photos using the camera.• Auto-save.[Operation]• Easy to operate with just a tap and swipe.• Swipe left and right to change directions.• Tap on a suspicious part of the screen to get an item or find a riddle.• The items you get will be placed in the item box at the bottom of the screen. Tap an item to select it, then tap the point where you want to use the item.• When you tap the item box twice, the item will be enlarged. Some items will change when you tap the expansion screen.

Yukihiro Hozumi
Escape Game Mr. 3939 STORES