Cutie Garden
Cutie Garden 简介

Cutie Garden is currently one of the most fun Free casual placement Merge games. The main gameplay of the game is to obtain higher revenue by synthesing various small animals. Cutie Garden is a game that is hard to stop playing. There is more to discover-New combat mode. The most luxurious Garden competing with all players in the world.-More than 15 kinds of cute little animals.-New compositing gameplay.-Build an unprecedented Garden.[How to play]:*Create value in the garden by combining small animals. The more advanced animals, the more luxurious the garden.*In the process of synthesis, there will also be a random drop treasure box, open for more rewards.*Move your fingers, synthesize more kinds of small animals, unlock more advanced small animals.*Place the system so that your garden can generate revenue automatically. Even if you are offline, you can reap the benefits.[Game features]:Easy to use, but addictiveFree mini-gamesFine art and special effectsThe mysterious gift package appears randomly, and you get rich rewards after opening itNew level gameplay that you have never experienced beforeWe'll be adding more fun ways to play the Cutie Garden!!!

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Cutie Garden